Hello July, summer time, yay! Summer is one of the best times for seeking jobs, it’s the third quarter of the year when many companies try to expedite recruitment to keep rolling on their schedule, projects for the next 6 months. Well, with this post, I want to focus on some interview tips based on my own experience, except some general rules that you already know when doing interview like, wear clean clothes, come early, shake hands, be confident, etc… Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Consider interviews are like warm-ups.
If you’ve been sticked with a job for so long, or you’re kind of a junior guy, not much experience, you should join a few interviews before your desired interview. I mean, don’t underestimate any interviews you have joined whether you pass or not. When you do interviews, you revise yourself, you re-evaluate your skills…, you gain much more confident as well. Note all questions you couldn’t answer or you think it didn’t go well in the interview, and research later at home, then you’ll be safe in future.

2. Bring your laptop, or at least a tablet.
It’s your gear, your weapon, your friend. It’s much easier when fighting alongside a friend, right? It’s a must when the job is related to digital, internet, media, … areas, whether the interviewer mentions it or not before. Besides, you could be told to do some tests right at the interview, when it happens, a strange PC/laptop would become your enemy. On top of that, bring your laptop will show some respect to the interviewer, that you have already prepared carefully for the interview. So, don’t be lazy!

3. Must have an online portfolio, especially in creative related fields.
Your own website, or some online services like Dribble, Behance, etc… would be the best. Don’t just show your big collection of files, screenshots, pictures… The result doesn’t matter, what matters is how you present it, how you showcase it, the processes, the stories behind it. Your works are your achievements, your children, please put them in a nice place, polish them and let them shine your career path.

4. Make sure the job fits you perfectly.
Ask your interviewers, go deeply, let them share about their company, about the position, what you will do everyday, who you will work with,… anything! If you think the interview go quite well, and you truly feel excited in the company, even ask for the tour in their office, where the team sits, how the environment is, see if it fits your personality. Remember, this could be your second home.

5. Don’t be yourself. Be your best self!

That’s pretty much it. Let’s fight for our future and enjoy the interviews!