Last week I participated an outdoor event which was really fun, exciting and… dirty, literally. It’s called Color Me Run (CMR). CMR has been really popular in the world but in Vietnam, this is just its second year. I had to book the tickets for me and my friends weeks ago with a quite high price, 25$ each. It included some materials like: a bag, T-shirt, map and 2 colorful powders pocket bags.

Powder bag


CMR, basically, its rule is running 5 kilometers and throwing colorful powder to each other, having fun with live music and “we’ll be united”. As my estimation, there could be 5 thousand people joined the run. We had to run through 5 gates, at each gate, tons of color powder waiting for us. There were blue, yellow, red, green, purple gates.

During the run, I realized that most people walk and not run! How weird! Maybe because there were too many “athletes” and the racing road was too small, or maybe this is not a sport competition, they just want to have fun and be together. Besides, the atmosphere was good, the scene around was good, but still, I hope it was rainning, it would be more fun and crazy :)).


After the “long” run, we had a music show outside. T-Pain was there too :). Although hungry and tired, we were keeping the fire and dancing like monkeys.




That’s pretty much it, what a fun social activity! I wish it would be 10 kilometers next year though.
P/S: my friends were so lovely in this pic: