Do your designs have smell, or sound, … are they delicious?

Hey, have you ever tried doing something which consumes all 5 senses: sight, touch, sound, smell, taste? Think about it, not so hard to find, believe me. There is one thing I bet everyone have ever tried, that is SEX, and it is so damn great. High five is you agree :). Why is it so great? Because by doing it, you experience all of 5 senses. Let me show you an article, a video which was led by Designer Jinsop Lee I watched weeks ago

In that video, he has some strong points. He emphasizes on the necessary of 5 senses present in things around you. Ok, back to SEX experience which comes close to the top of the chart, the perfect one, here is some graphs:
I almost agree with him all of this. However, my perspective is different a bit. Sometimes we need to focus on only 1 or 2 senses to get its perfect feeling. Forget other senses in a few minutes, let them dim for a while. Like when you are watching movies or listening to music, you enjoy all the sight and sound, you go with the flow of scenes and noise.
By the way, that video is really worth watching. It could impact and apply on every aspect of life. I’m gonna practise it with my design now. Maybe, I will use chocolate as a color, or perfume to make my sketches look delicious :)). Share with me what you have tried, yeah!

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