Good movies IT/tech geeks would love

I gotta say that I’m literally a tech geek. I love all of stuffs about technology, mobile, IT industry, or things which “make the world a better place”. Needless to say, technology is all around our lives, it also plays a really big role in film industry. When it comes down to it, from a different angle of view, it’s quite exciting and hilarious.

Well then in the year 2015, the year Birdman won the Oscar and Leonardo wasn’t nominated, I recommend some movies/TV series specifically for any tech geeks. They’re not some Avatar or Iron Man which are action/science fiction movies actually, although they consume technology as a tool. In the movies below, characters appear as real IT geeks, their jobs are all about IT/science. So, without further ado, here they are:

1. The Social Network
Must watch if you’re a Facebooker or something like that.

2. Jobs
Apple fan and Ashton fan would definitely watch!

3. The IT Crowd
A hilarious old TV serie but still worth watching!
– What is the best solution for all IT problems?
– “You should try turning it off and on again!”.

4. Betas
Right algorithm could make you a king.

5. The Big Bang Theory
Yep, you might know this one. Bunch of physicists struggle with their relationships in “real” life.

6. Silicon Valley
Last but not least, this serie was just premièred last year and received widely positive reviews. It’s really helpful for who are on the way create their own startup company. Actually I’m waiting for its 2nd season will be coming out this April.

That’s it! Have fun watching and becoming a real geek, like me :).

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  1. Nice review đó em :)

  2. cái IT crowd coi rồi :))

  3. Tks man, có quen ko nhỉ?

  4. Chắc là không. Vô tình lạc vào chốn nầy :D
    Phần comment của bạn nếu đc nên có phần để người comment chia sẻ page của họ .

  5. Hai Phan

    Trước có để, nhưng muốn đơn giản nên bỏ luôn :)
    Page của anh là gì nhỉ?

  6. BaoNg1212

    Trước giờ coi được hết 2 series là How I Met Your mother với True Detective :3, đang theo The Walking Dead hay vồn, mò mẫm Helix mà chắc bỏ, thấy thiên hạ cho điểm thấp quá :3

  7. :)

  8. Hai Phan

    Just wanna remind you guys that Silicon Valley season 2 has already come out, can’t wait!

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