New Year’s Eve in HCMC and resolution stuffs


First of all, as usual, Happy New Year 2015 to everyone! I guess you all had an unforgettable last night, countdown party, got drunk and enjoyed the moment with your beloved ones. I, different from almost HCM citizens, chose to stay at home this year. In Vietnam, people like to go gathering at the city center on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, to enjoy the lights, decorations, beautiful banners, posters on the streets. This year, fireworks are shot from the highest building of the city. This promising show is called the most beautiful fireworks show ever in HCM city. It’s a combination of electric lights, fireworks and music. Everyone can’t wait to choose good positions around the building, even a friend of mine came at 3PM early afternoon to pick a really nice place to have dinner as well as enjoy the show. When the time comes, the streets are full of humans, motorbikes, cars… you cannot get out of them until the show is over.
What a chaotic picture!


pht1420051513 (1)

Everyone has their own resolution, my 2015 resolution is “making mistakes”. Don’t get me wrong, it also means “take risks and try to do things which haven’t been done before as many as I can”. Mistakes collected from that could help developing my succeed, my personality. I believe and will try my best. I talk to myself this 2015 will be a BIG STEP in my life. And so does your life!

“Out with the old, in with the new”.

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  1. Loan Đào

    let’s go for bungee jump

  2. sure as hell ;)

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