It’s a pleasure Sunday! The weather is nice, sunshine but cool. I’m sitting here at my desk as usual. Take a look outside the window, with all sky and clouds above, that would be awesome to share some thoughts in all these conditions. Writing, my weakness, I intended to write a lot, create my own blog. However, procrastination and laziness always pull me back. Well then, I’m gonna write something now, about what happens to me recently, my current company, my new friends and they’re… not boring actually!

This year marks 25 years I become a man in this world. After Tet holiday, I joined Sutrixmedia, Website interface responsibility. My first impression when I came here is about people. Everyone seems friendly, especially my boss. He’s young, already have a child but young :). I was allowed to take a tour around the building, get pass each department. What I can say is a professional environment, but warm, everyone sits next to each other, next to their computers. After all the introductions, I joined in to the training for newcomers. Days by days, I became a member of my very first project, member of a team. It was so exciting! We had fun, hung out, I had learned a lot from them. However, happy days were over, our project had to be stopped temporarily, we cried our eyes out all nights… I’m just kidding :). We had a celebration that day, for all of our hard work. That was also the time my company moved to a new office.

This is a view from my desk, nice huh ;).


Time goes by, I made some new cool friends. We have things in common. We’ve got into hang out stuffs and parties overnight! I’m just saying :), I’m not party-kind of guy. In the mean time, I’ve been busy with work and other matters. And yes, I also have plans for traveling. I had a great trip this June. Singapore, the very first time. I will have another blog for this one, really fantastic!


Well, that’s pretty much it. Nothing big till now, but will have soon!